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Home » Introductions » Mike Billington, RMI Technical Helpline Advisor

Who you are and what do you do?

Accepted Answer
I have worked with the RMI Technical Helpline since March 2010 and provide a variety of technical based support services to RMI Members and specifically to subscribers of the RMI Technical Helpline.
My experience in the motor trade is mainly in the mechanical side of the trade, having started in the workshop of a franchised dealer back in 1986 as a Y.T.S trainee. I have been an MoT tester within an independent motor repairer and within a franchised dealer, I worked for a motoring organisation as a vehicle inspections engineer and latterly as an office based desk top engineer within their Accident Management department which also gave me experiences within the vehicle body repair side of the industry. I enjoy helping others and basically if we can help we will do so for the greater good of the motor industry!
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David Helliwell
David Helliwell
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Home » Introductions » Mike Billington, RMI Technical Helpline Advisor